Working twenty-somethings drive demand for online degrees

Published on Monday, 01 October 2012 10:01
Posted by Scott Buckler

Demand for online degrees with UK universities is up 38% on 2011 – and the average age of students has dropped significantly, from 30 to just 24

With traditional campus university tuition fees rising up to £27,000 for a three-year course, UK distance learning degrees are an increasingly attractive option.  RDI has seen UK applications for online degrees rise by 38% in the last year.

It's an option most popular with young working people; 90% of RDI's students for 2012 are in full time jobs.

The group, dubbed TWISTAs (Twenty-somethings With Income Studying to Advance) are using online degrees or distance learning as a route to learn while they earn to advance in their careers without the burden of debt.

Dr Phil Hallam, CEO of RDI, said: "Young people in their twenties have rent or mortgages to pay - some have family commitments - and while they may be employed, they won't yet be high earners and are likely to hit barriers in their career without qualifications. Returning to full-time education isn't an option – they can't afford it. Distance learning is an attractive solution. At RDI, we offer the lowest cost university degree in the UK at a total of £9,500 – a smart financial route to a degree to boost career growth."

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