Student finance campaign launches

Published on Monday, 09 May 2011 15:14
Posted by Scott Buckler

A public information campaign for prospective students and their parents about changes to the student finance system in 2012 is being launched today (May 9th)

The press, radio, media partnership and social media campaign links students and parents to a new dedicated microsite which describes how the tuition loan system will operate, how to get a student loan, help with living costs and what support is available from government.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said:

We must ensure that prospective students are not put off applying to university because they do not understand the new system. Going to university depends on ability – not the ability to pay.

"New students will not pay upfront costs, there will be more financial support for those from poorer families and everyone will make lower loan repayments than they do under the current system once they are in well paid work.

“A university degree is an excellent investment in your future. Students and their families need to know that applying for student finance is quick and easy and can be done on-line.”


Source: BIS

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