Private equity firm buys College of Law

Published on Wednesday, 18 April 2012 09:35
Written by Scott Buckler

A private equity firm has bought a UK college with its own degree-awarding powers - in a groundbreaking deal for the UK's higher education sector

The College of Law has been bought by Montagu Private Equity for an amount approaching £200m.The college, set up as a charity, provides law courses in London and in other regional centres in England.

Nigel Savage, the college's chief executive, welcomed the takeover by this "well-resourced partner".The UCU lecturers' union called on the government to "act urgently to protect" the higher education sector from such private equity buy-outs.

There had been earlier speculation that an established education firm would want to buy the college - as a way of establishing a bridgehead into the higher education market.

Source: BBC News

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