DfE funds new programme to support families

Published on Friday, 19 April 2013 15:08
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The Literacy Trust are pleased to announce they have been awarded a Department for Education grant of nearly £1m to work alongside 12 local authorities.

They said: We will streamline information and support a wide range of professionals to identify and engage with families who would most benefit from involvement with their local children's centre. Families will work with volunteers from their own community and will be supported to choose a range of books for the home. It will encourage more families to access children's centres. It also aims to improve the early language skills of children at risk of literacy difficulties and to increase parents' confidence in supporting their children's language development.

There is a significant need to improve access to children's centres for both parents and children from disadvantaged communities. Our Deputy Director Abigail Moss says:

With research revealing that children from the poorest homes are almost a year behind when starting school, extra support for these families is essential. The National Literacy Trust has a wealth of experience providing strategic support to local authorities. We are delighted that the Department for Education is helping us to address this need.

Launching later this year, our large scale survey of parents with young children and early years practitioners will inform this approach which will be expanded from 2014-2015. It will increase our understanding of factors influencing the home learning environment. In particular we will explore how we can talk and work with families in a positive way that encourages them to access appropriate support.

Source: Literacy Trust

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