Open thread: Will academy status solve school problem?

Published on Monday, 02 February 2015 10:51
Written by Govtoday staff

Announced on BBC news today was a further attack on the education system by David Cameron. Reportedly under plans to be announced by the PM he will state that they are waging 'an all- out war on mediocrity.'

It will threaten that the leadership in schools will be changed to 'Superheads' or schools changed to academy status if performance requires improvement.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said failure will not mean an automatic replacement of leadership and states that collaboration with more successful schools is vital. David Cameron states his aim is to ensure children get the best start in life wherever they are from.

A House of Commons Select Committee reported there is no clear evidence academies improved overall standards and Ofsted themselves have reported that one third of academies, a higher proportion than ordinary state schools, require improvement.

Do you think turning failing schools into academies could turn them around? Or is there a better solution? Leave your comments below to be entered into our competition - one comment will win £50!


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