Interview with Voice the Union

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2013 17:21
Written by Deborah Lawson

Today we spoke to Deborah Lawson, General Secretary of Voice, the union for education professionals about the Michael Gove's personal agenda.

GT: Thanks for joining us, Q1, a big one, is Michael Gove putting the education system in England at risk?

DL: Yes - by putting league tables ahead of pupils' needs & following his own personal agenda on curriculum

GT: This personal agenda you mention, what is it?

DL: His emphasis on rote learning of facts at the expense of understanding and thinking. And his dismissal of those who oppose him as 'the enemy'.

GT: How is his agenda impacting on teaching standards and pupils?

DL: Demoralising the profession and undermining the reputation of internationally recognised qualifications, encouraging teaching to test rather than meeting individual pupil needs.

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GT: What would you like to see implemented to improve standards for children and for teachers?

DL: Meaningful engagement with the profession and more time to implement and embed new initiatives and change the needs of children must come first - not politically driven agendas.

GT: What are these needs exactly? What needs improving? Curriculum? Teaching standards?

DL: Life. Pupils need opportunity to develop critical thinking to be able to apply knowledge appropriately. Parity between academic and vocational qualifications. Teachers want CPD to maintain and enhance standards, teachers do care about pupils and their profession; don't want further erosion of professions or opportunities for children.

GT: Are teachers just whinging about Gove, should they just get on with it?

DL: No they are justified in wanting the SoS to actually listen to their genuine concerns for their profession, education and EY care.

GT: Thanks Deborah!

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