Shortage of school places expected to hit 90,000

Published on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 10:40
Posted by Scott Buckler

The shortfall of primary and secondary school places across the capital is set to rise faster than expected, to around 90,000 by 2016, London Councils warns

Long-term demand for school places will continue to grow across the capital, with the cost of meeting this expected to reach £2.3bn within the next four years, according to new analysis done by the organisation which lobbies on behalf of the capital's 33 local authorities.

Meanwhile, councils have been working hard to provide a total of 241 new classrooms across London to meet the demand for pupils beginning reception class in the next week.

This year, an extra 6,000 children applied for a reception place in London for September (2012), compared to September last year, bringing the total number of applicants to 100,000.

Councils also faced almost 10,000 late applications for places, the vast majority of which were met, but by July 2012, there still remained 800 children across London who still did not have a place for September.

Many of these will have been found a place in the last few weeks, as councils have been liaising with parents to try and find these children a place in time for the start of term.

Source: ©London Councils

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