3,000 more pupils miss out on primary school choice since 2010

Published on Monday, 03 September 2012 11:44
Posted by Scott Buckler

Labour has released figures demonstrating the scale of the primary school crisis in England. 3,252 more pupils have missed out on getting any of their choices of primary school compared to 2010

Responses to Freedom of Information requests from Labour from 18 local authorities across the country show that 2,698 pupils failed to get any of their primary school choices this year, up from 2,313 in 2010.

The figures represent 12% of all local authorities. If these numbers were replicated across England, it would mean 22,787 had missed out on any choice of primary school, up from 19,535 in 2010 or an increase of 3,252.

Since last year, 2,723 more pupils have missed out on their choice of primary school.

Overall, the primary school population has leapt by 78,000 compared to last year – the biggest increase in a decade.

At least £2.3 million has been wasted by the Government on Free Schools such as One in a Million in Bradford, Beccles in Suffolk and the Newham Free Academy that haven't opened or are half empty.

One of the first acts of the Government was to abolish Labour's £7billion programme to expand, rebuild or refurbish half of all primary schools over the next decade.

The Government is spending £900m on a Free Schools programme, many of which will not be primary schools, or do not have support from local parents.

Stephen Twigg MP, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, said:

"As pupils start the school term, these figures show the true scale of the crisis facing our primary schools.

"Michael Gove's first duty as Education Secretary should be to ensure that every child has a place at school. But he has proven to be incompetent and out of touch with real need on the ground.

"Thousands are stuck in temporary classrooms and hundreds don't have a place at all.

"The Government is making this crisis worse by wasting millions of pounds on pet project schools that either don't open, or don't have support from local parents."

Source: ©Labour

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