• Innovation Code

    The Innovation Code, launched in April 2012 is working hard to ensure skills funding can benefit learners and those communities that need it

  • Common European policies have not worked

    The EU's budget needs to be drastically cut, powers have to be devolved while eurozone countries should consider abandoning the common currency - Martin Callanan certainly did...

  • Referendum question to be tested

    As set out in the Edinburgh Agreement, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today written to the Electoral Commission asking them to test the Scottish Government's preferred question for the...

  • Border Agency’s backlog spiralling out of control

    The Home Affairs Committee carries out quarterly inquiries into the work of the UK Border Agency. Its latest report covers the second quarter of the year April– June...



  • Sustainable Communities 2012: The Plan for Growth
  • Sustainable Transport 2012: Enabling Sustainable Choices
  • Greening Government 2012: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development One Year On

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    I agree that living wages need to raise in the U.K., but there some aspects of the employment... MORE

  • Europe

    2% increase in capital required to be held by banks = 20% cut in lending by banks; no surprise... MORE

  • Europe

    The 'right' that every person I speak to in the UK really wants is the right to opt-out from this... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    A good thing for people to have a... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    A good thing for our people to have a say on law &... MORE

  • Devolved

    I support a NO vote for many reasons, but the stupid SNP policy of over provision of wind energy... MORE

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