Information Tribunal uphold AoC appeal

Published on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:43
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Association of Colleges' public affairs director, Chris Walden, said: "More than a year ago AoC requested a list of all those who applied to establish a 16-19 free school or university technical colleges.

This request was motivated by a desire to better understand the process and to discover if free schools were meeting genuine local demands . The request, however, was denied by the Department for Education.

"As AoC believed that this list could help the sector improve the transparency of proposals for free schools we appealed the DfE decision.

"This week, more than a year after our first request was submitted, the Information Tribunal upheld a decision by the Information Commissioner that our appeal was valid. A list of applicants will now be disclosed. While this justifies our desire to see the applicants we also hope that it sets a standard that regular lists will be published so that the sector as a whole can work toward a clear understanding of what is and is not wanted in the establishment of free schools.

"AoC is not opposed to free schools or UTCs, colleges simply wanted to ensure they were meeting genuine pupil demand."

Source: ©AoC

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