Hayes sets out further freedoms for Further Education

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 10:07
Posted by Scott Buckler

Speaking at today’s Association of Colleges Annual Conference, Skills Minister John Hayes set out a vision for a stronger, more flexible and more independent further education sector

Mr Hayes said that colleges will be given more freedoms to deliver the learning that meets the needs of local people and employers through simplified governance, quality assurance and data management arrangements.

He also promised a new package of reforms when the Government publishes its response to the New Challenges, New Chances consultation later this year. These represent the next stage of the ambitious reform programme set out in Skills for Sustainable Growth in November 2010.

Skills and Further Education Minister John Hayes said:

Further education is moulding the future of communities and the country. Over the last year we’ve seen remarkable progress. But there are still too many rules putting the brakes on progress and stifling innovation.

“I want to liberate colleges to be free to do what is right for their communities now. The changes we propose are radical, and by the end of this Parliament will transform the further education landscape.”

Under new measures discussed today colleges will be able to react quickly to ensure they are meeting the skills needs of local employers, including those in new industries. They will be able to draw down student funding for programmes that meet a particular employer skill need whilst they simultaneously developing the qualification.

Colleges are already taking advantage of additional freedoms and taking a leading role in improving the way they are managed as the Foundation Code of Governance, recently developed by the AoC Governors' Council, attests.


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