New working group to examine research transparency

Published on Thursday, 15 September 2011 11:06
Posted by Scott Buckler

Science Minister David Willetts has today announced a new independent working group to look at how UK-funded research findings can be broadened for key audiences such as researchers, policy makers and the general public


The group will be made up of representatives from the higher education sector, research investors, the research community, scholarly publishers and libraries. It will examine how access to research findings can be made more transparent and accessible.

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Bradford, David Willetts said:

Transparency is at the heart of the Government's agenda and it should apply to published research. We do fantastic research in the UK, of which we can be rightly proud, but I want to ensure that people are given the opportunity to know more about the projects that government funds.

“Research stimulates and fuels innovation and economic growth. So, to maximise UK innovation we need to maximise access to and the use of research findings.

“Technology developments and a desire for greater transparency are creating new demands in a rapidly changing research publications environment. The working group will be made up of a range of parties affected, and provides an opportunity for them to explore the issues that need to be addressed.”

The independent working group emerged following transparency discussions at a round table meeting convened by David Willetts. Members of the group will assess how access to research findings might be expanded in the most appropriate way - taking into account a wide range of considerations.

The group will be chaired by Dame Janet Finch DBE, Professor of Sociology at Manchester University and independent co-Chair of the Council for Science and Technology.

Source: BIS

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