Michael Gove defends school sports funding change

Published on Monday, 22 November 2010 10:07
Posted by Scott Buckler

Scrapping the school sports budget will not reduce participation, Education Secretary Michael Gove has insisted


The £162m will no longer be set aside for a national PE scheme. Headteachers in England will instead decide how much of their budget to allocate to sport.

Mr Gove told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show a new school 'Olympics' would be more effective at increasing participation.

His Labour counterpart Andy Burnham accused him of jeopardising a decade of improvement in school sports.

And leaders of some of the 450 local School Sports Partnerships (SSPs), which face an uncertain future as a result of the removal of ring-fencing, had accused ministers of risking a cut in the amount of competition pupils take part in.

But Mr Gove said that despite £2.4bn of investment over seven years, just one child in five played competitive sport against another school.

"One of the problems with the existing system that we have had is that we haven't seen the increase in the number of people playing competitive sport," he said.

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