Michael Gove announces major review of National Curriculum

Published on Friday, 21 January 2011 12:19
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Secretary of State for Education has announced a major review of the National Curriculum in England


The review will be led by the Department for Education, supported by an Advisory Committee and Expert Panel made up of top teachers, academics, and business representatives.

The review will:

    * replace the current substandard curriculum with one based on the best school systems in the world and provide a world-class resource for teachers and children
    * consider what subjects should be compulsory at what age
    * consider what children should be taught in the main subjects at what age.

The new National Curriculum will begin to be taught in maintained schools from September 2013. In order to allow schools time to manage the transition to the new curriculum effectively, the new Programmes of Study for English, mathematics, science, and physical education will be introduced from 2013, with Programmes of Study for other subjects coming into force the following year. The review will also advise on how the new curriculum should be phased in for each key stage.

Michael Gove said:

    We have sunk in international league tables and the National Curriculum is substandard. Meanwhile the pace of economic and technological change is accelerating and our children are being left behind. The previous curriculum failed to prepare us for the future. We must change course. Our review will examine the best school systems in the world and give us a world-class curriculum that will help teachers, parents and children know what children should learn at what age.

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