MP Graham Allen calls for early years intervention

Published on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 09:36
Posted by Scott Buckler

Early intervention will improve the lives of vulnerable children and help break the cycle of "dysfunction and under-achievement", a report says


The government-commissioned report recommends regular assessments of all pre-school children, focusing on their social and emotional development.

Graham Allen's report also calls for a national parenting programme in the UK.

The Labour MP was asked to assess how children from disadvantaged backgrounds could be given the best start in life.

His report says success or failure in early childhood has "profound economic consequences" and calls for more private money to be channelled into early intervention schemes to help set children on the right path in life.

It also recommends numbering all year groups from birth not just from the start of primary school.

In his report, the Nottingham North MP says decades of late intervention has failed and major social problems have got worse not better.

All too often society is failing to equip young children with the social and emotional skills they need in life, he says.

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