• Sustainable Communities 2013: Delivering a sustainable local future
  • Improving Care 2013: Improving Patient Care
  • Carbon Reduction 2013: Investing in a low carbon society

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  • Housing & Planning

    Housing benefit being paid to landlords for substandard ie below lettable standard.What if anything... MORE

  • Schools

    There are some TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson (former British government advisor on education) that... MORE

  • Growth & Reform

    I whole hearted agree with Rod Pettigrew's comments. It is already a deliberating time for SMEs to... MORE

  • Housing & Planning

    The Main Reason England is being desecrated and abused like this is, because England has no... MORE

  • Social Care

    My eldest son is 30 years old and has Aspeger syndrome. Although he is very bright and completed a... MORE

  • Social Care

    It is important that money is spent to support people, but more important is whether that money is... MORE

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