Career regrets and what to do if you have a few

Published on Thursday, 10 January 2013 09:58
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Study by the National Careers Service shows millions of us wish we had not gone down the career path we did and think about changing jobs every day, but as 2013 begins, what are your options?

With the working year well underway the National Careers Service is launching a campaign encouraging people who are worried they are facing another year with limited job opportunities, or are stuck on a career path they don't want to be on, to get help and discover their unfulfilled career ambitions.

This follows a new study which shows that 43% of us have considered changing careers or finding a new job, while one in five of us think about changing jobs every day.

So why and how does this happen?  Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge?  Perhaps your company is downsizing or changing its structure? Perhaps you took the job as a last resort?  And how many of us are doing our dream jobs?

Well the research shows that almost 40% of us wouldn't make the same career or job choices if we had the chance to turn back the clock.

This New Year a fifth of people have pledged to find a new job with many using quiet time at work (34%) to start their search, and 12% will be putting their resolutions into place by updating their CVs ahead of job applications over the coming months.

When it comes to the barriers for changing careers, the top reasons are: believing we're too old and have missed our chance, worries about not being able to afford to leave a job, uncertainty about what to do, a lack of confidence and the challenge of retraining.

The National Careers Service is encouraging people to use its free resources by speaking to an expert and impartial adviser to help increase their chances of employment, progression and training or a successful career change.

Source: ©National Careers Service


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