Don't make IT estate changes unprepared

Published on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 12:35
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Attempting to make IT estate changes without the right preparation means there is an increased likelihood of mistakes.'s director of consulting and professional services Ray Blackman has said that making changes without having the "pieces of the jigsaw together" increases the chances of things going wrong for organisations.

"You are much more likely to make mistakes, to get it wrong and there is a lot of anecdotal as well as published evidence that that happens," he insisted recently.

His organisation's customers are given "control" he said, so that changes won't be made without their knowledge.

He added that given the speed at which things move, as well as the demands placed on organisations, he needed to ask: "what are companies doing to make sure they have them under control?"

It's a question some in career development may have considered. "My answer is they aren't doing enough," Mr Blackman responded.

He said that both big and small organisations lack control as well as insight when it comes to IT estates.

In the past, NearDesk CEO Tom Ball has called it "incredibly important" for firms to be on social media platforms.

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