Life Doctor gives opinion on workplace diversity

Published on Friday, 14 September 2012 09:55
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Those in career development who work in environments where there is diversity present may see the advantages of "different perspective and ideology".

The Life Doctor, John Rushton, has said that, when it comes to places of work that have diversity in them: "The benefits could well be different perspective and ideology, bringing a different understanding and possibly a better way of dealing with a situation or service."

When it comes to reaching the goal of inclusiveness and equality, this varies between different employers, he also suggested.

"What we do, regardless of credentials, is down to mentality," he added.

He suggested that those individuals who are 'positive' are given an increased amount of higher quality aid compared to people that "are sullen and bolshy".

An individual whom you do not like very much could still be "[got] on with" provided they're "pleasant".

"For the main part, unless it's a very small company, most employees have a good chance of getting on if they physically do good work and try to achieve advancement," he said.

There is inequality throughout life's spheres, and it's possible for this to "be subjective", he said, adding: "It shouldn't happen but it does."

"But if you are a career minded person one would automatically know how 'best' to move forward. If you don't then possibly advancement is more a figure of your imagination than something real," he said.

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