Staff struggle into work while ill

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 14:23
Posted by Scott Buckler

The pressure on job security has been blamed for the increase in the number of staff coming into work despite being ill

In the poll of 1,600 workers by Nuffield Health, 72 per cent said they had gone into work while sick on at least one occasion in the last year.Furthermore, more than half of those questioned admitted they may have risked colleagues' health because they were contagious.

Marcus Powell, managing director of corporate wellbeing at Nuffield Health, said that while it is tempting to go into work while sick, it can cost businesses up to £15 billion a year.

Among those who had gone to work while sick, the most common reason for doing so was fears over job security, cited by around half of respondents.

Younger workers and lower paid staff who earn less than £20,000 are the most likely to ignore sickness and go to work anyway, with the likelihood going down as the pay scale increases.


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