Employers urged to improve measures for workers with young children

Published on Thursday, 05 January 2012 10:43
Posted by Scott Buckler

Organisations in the UK have been urged to boost the measures they have implemented for parents with young children

Dora Smith, policy and information manager for Employers For Childcare Charitable Group, revealed that more needs to be done to raise awareness in the workplace of the possibilities for working parents.

She explained that traditionally, flexible working has only really been used by mothers, so fathers are unaware of the benefits they can access through their employer to help them care for their child and continue working.

However, times are starting to change, with more men taking time away from the office to bring up their children.

"A lot of fathers - especially around the [area of] childcare vouchers - don't realise that they can apply for family-friendly working policies too and can have access to the childcare vouchers,
" Ms Smith explained.

The Telework Association recently claimed that businesses are beginning to realise home-based working is not necessarily a management burden.


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