Disabled people failing to find employment

Published on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 11:25
Posted by Scott Buckler

Disabled people are facing a life of poverty as there are simply not enough career development opportunities available in the UK, according to one expert

Shaun Williams, director of corporate affairs for Leonard Cheshire Disability, said that the challenges disabled people face in the world of work are making it difficult to find employment opportunities.

"As the job market gets tougher and tougher, disabled people are finding it more difficult to gain employment," Mr Williams explained.

He revealed that fewer than 50 per cent of disabled people in the UK are in employment, which he puts down to the perceptions employers have of what disabled people can do in the workplace.

It was also noted that disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty due to the lack of career development opportunities.

Figures recently published by the Office for National Statistics revealed that the severity of a disability can impact on the chances of securing employment.

Almost three-quarters of those with skin conditions were in employment, while just 12 per cent of people with severe learning disabilities were in work.


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