Pickles – Help for the High Street in the wake of the riots

Published on Thursday, 27 October 2011 14:38
Posted by Scott Buckler

Hundreds of businesses have already benefited from the multi-million pound package of support made available to communities in the immediate aftermath of the summer disturbances, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced today

Ministers responded to the riots with immediate help by making a multi-million package of support available in grants and tax relief to ease financial pressures, get shops open and repair damaged high streets, which 35 councils have taken up.

Mr Pickles used a speech to council leaders at the Local Government Association to reaffirm Government's commitment for councils to pull out all the stops, support high street recovery and get businesses back on their feet. He highlighted examples of councils up and down the country that have dedicated time and resources to getting help to individuals and businesses. He also congratulated them for supporting communities to get back up and running, backed up by central government funding and assistance.

Mr Pickles also used his speech to announce that shopkeepers and businesses affected will get extra time to apply for financial support and assistance. The deadline for councils to submit claims under the Government's £20 million High Street Support Scheme was originally set for early November. In response to requests from councils and shopkeepers and to cover the crucial Christmas period, the Communities Secretary has taken the decision to extend the deadline until the New Year. He is adamant that money available must reach those that need it.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said:

"Both central and local government are making sure the innocent victims of these mindless acts of looting and violence are not left to pick up the pieces on their own. Real help is being delivered to local firms and local residents.

"Councils deserve immense credit for the way in which they swung into action in the days during and after the disturbances. Local leadership played a massive part in limiting the distress and difficulty that families, individuals and businesses faced.

"It is great to see examples from across the country of how the support can and is being delivered in the right way. Affected councils are still receiving claims from businesses, and we have listened to councils in agreeing more time for them to promote pride and increase footfall in their high streets in the run up to Christmas."


Source: DCLG

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