CBI responds to government plans on apprenticeship red tape removal

Published on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:03
Posted by Scott Buckler

The CBI today (Tuesday) commented on government measures to simplify the apprenticeship system for large employers, which were announced by Skills Minister John Hayes at a CBI apprenticeship breakfast

Susan Anderson, CBI Director for Education & Skills policy, said:

We welcome this report and the Government’s commitment to expanding apprenticeship schemes.

“Apprenticeships are vital to developing the skills that support economic growth and many employers already deliver excellent programmes.

“Cutting bureaucracy will support even more businesses to become involved and these recommendations set out the right path for reform.

“They recognise that employers are primarily concerned with the day-to-day running of their businesses, and that they are committed to offering high-quality training as their reputation and business success depends on this. We will work with the Government to take these plans forward.”

Ms Anderson added:

We need to maximise spending on productive training and not divert resources to deal with administration. The money saved by reducing bureaucracy should support more apprenticeship places.

“These reforms should now be applied to smaller and medium-sized companies and the providers they work with. SMEs represent a significant market for apprenticeships and we must make it easier for these firms to access apprenticeship programmes.”

Mr Hayes was responding to a Department for Business, Innovation and Skills commissioned report on apprenticeship bureaucracy which was developed in partnership with the CBI, BT and other leading employers.


Source: CBI

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