Business owners 'should take responsibility for risk management'

Published on Tuesday, 21 February 2012 10:29
Posted by Scott Buckler

Managers and business owners have been advised to make themselves aware of risks so they can meet their obligations under health and safety legislation

Michael Slade, managing director at Bibby Consulting and Support, emphasised the importance of understanding what can be done to comply with regulations following the release of a report by the organisation.

It found many companies are unaware of the legislation they are required to follow, while a significant number do not know what the consequences of non-compliance could be.

But rather than call for the government to play a bigger role in educating people, Mr Slade suggested management should take responsibility and consider what may have happened in the past to bring about the rules.

"[It's better] for the businessperson to actually understand their process, understand what they are doing, see clearly what the risks are and do what they can to sensibly mitigate the risks," he said


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