Grayling pledges support to all working families

Published on Wednesday, 15 June 2011 15:08
Posted by Scott Buckler

Chris Grayling, Minister of State of Employment and Nick Lawrence, Deputy Director of Families with Multiple Problems, have pledged their support to Working Families Everywhere (June 15th)

Working Families Everywhere, the innovative programme designed by Emma Harrison CBE, aims to help 125,000 unemployed families in the UK get back into work over a five-year period.

Launching earlier this year, Working Families Everywhere is an exemplar project that has been funded through the Local Authorities’ Community Budgets.

At present, it is estimated there are than 125,000 troubled families that survive solely on government funded welfare, costing the taxpayer £8bn per year. This cost can be attributed to up to 20 local agencies supporting the same family.

Working Families Everywhere will establish a new approach to helping these families transform their lives by addressing their complex needs and working alongside local agencies towards the goal of gaining employment.

Each family will get its own Family Champion who will provide one-to-one support to the families, doing whatever it takes to equip them and support them in to a job.

Emma Harrison CBE, who was asked by David Cameron in December 2010 to pioneer the programme and who will be working with six families herself comments: “For too long we have been helping these families without giving them an objective to work towards.
“I believe that gaining a job will not only bring them economic independence but will give them a sense of purpose.

“I ask a simple question; what would you do if you didn’t get up for work today and feel wanted by society?

“Every day these families experience the feeling of not being wanted. Working Families Everywhere will worktowards giving these families a sense of purpose through meaningful employment and helping others do the same."

Chris Grayling MP commented at the event: “This government is putting the infrastructure in place to make a transformational social change – not just economical and financial – and to do this we need a unified approach which Working Families Everywhere is.

“Working Families Everywhere is establishing a much needed reference point and will help remove the barriers to employability which have held many families back.”

In December 2010, David Cameron PM announced his ambition to transform the lives of troubled families in the UK with Emma Harrison announced as the Government’s Family Champion

Three local authorities are currently pioneering the scheme: Hull, Westminster and Blackpool.


Source: Working families

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