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Published on Friday, 30 November 2012 16:09
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

To most of us, a penny is a coin which clogs up our wallets, gets lost behind the sofa, or gets added to a never ending pile of coins which never see the light of day.

But imagine if everyone in the UK used their spare pennies for good, by donating them to charity?

What if it was even easier than that and instead of physically having to donate a penny, you could just add a micro-donation when you paid for goods and services like groceries or pizza?

This unique giving system is in use now in the UK with the Pennies initiative celebrating its 2nd anniversary, with a recorded growth of 100% in the last year.

The scheme is backed by major UK businesses, Nick Hurd, MP, Minister for Civil Society, Ex BBC Broadcaster and Chairman of NCVO Martyn Lewis and Peter Ayliffe who is President and CEO of Visa Europe, as well as celebrities such as Robson Green and Fiona Phillips.

Watch our video were they explain why they are so excited by Pennies.

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