Businesses should do more to raise the profile of women

Published on Thursday, 06 June 2013 12:37
Written by Vicki Mitchem

UK managers need to take a key leadership role in helping to boost women's position in the workplace, it has been suggested.

A report by the Women's Business Council said that more needs to be done to raise the career development aspirations of girls, by creating a partnership between industry, schools, and parents.

The report also recommended that more should be done to highlight the benefits of flexible working, and stronger support for women who are setting up businesses.

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE,  chair of the Women's Business Council and chief executive of MITIE, an outsourcing company, emphasised the importance of tapping into the skills of all people, regardless of gender.

She added: "By creating opportunity for all, raising aspirations and enabling people to maximise their talents, we will deliver stronger economic growth.

"Our actions must start with girls and young women if we are to make a lasting impact. We must also ensure that parents who wish to return to their careers whilst raising families, have the opportunity to do so and to fulfil their potential."

A separate report by Santander recently reported that the majority (67 per cent) of working mothers believed that having a child hindered their progress in the workplace.

Source: CMI

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