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Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 16:15
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Watch a live webTV show where personal finance expert Roger Edwards and IFA Peter Chadborn will be showing you how to get your finances in order.

Trying to manage household finances is a minefield. Once you've paid rent or mortgage, utility bills, done a food shop, paid for travel, not to mention saved a bit for your social life, it's not hard to see how it is very easy to spend and live beyond your means.

However, by taking some time to take stock of your finances and create a budget, you can ensure that neither you nor your family overspends and can still put in place a financial safety net. After all, businesses look at their quarterly spending so there are no reasons why you shouldn't do the same.

Having to make cutbacks and personal sacrifices can seem like the only option, but with a bit of clever planning you can be prepared for all eventualities.

Independent Financial Adviser, Peter Chadborn will be joined by Roger Edwards, from protection insurance company Bright Grey, who will be able to offer clear information on making sure you and your family are protected for the future – whatever the economic situation. They will cover various scenarios around maintaining your family's lifestyle and surviving financially if you or your other half lost their income, life or were critically ill.

Roger Edwards and Peter Chadborn IFA will be online at on 25th April at 1.30pm

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