Newform Energy wins respected industry award

Published on Thursday, 18 April 2013 14:10
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Kent based renewable energy company, Newform Energy, has won a prestigious industry award at the Environment and Energy Awards 2013. On Tuesday, Newform Energy was presented with The Renewables Innovation award for their Multi Source Hybrid Solar Solution.

The Hybridised technology which combines PV-T panels and heat pump technologies is the leading way to deliver zero carbon buildings. Newform Energy were the first in the UK to gain MCS accreditation for their PV-T panels. Professor Peter Childs from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London believes that:

"PV-T technology has the ability to attain a significantly higher total power conversion rates than either PV systems or solar thermal systems, therefore giving a higher CO2 offset per meter squared of roof space than any either PV or solar thermal technologies"

The well-established Environment and Energy Awards were held during the Sustainability Live show at The NEC on the evening 16th April 2013. The award celebrates excellence and innovation from businesses and technology providers in the market place. This is the first year Newform Energy have entered the awards. Managing Director, Anthony Morgan, explains:

"We felt The Environment and Energy Awards was the perfect platform to showcase our innovative technology. The event highlights the increased pressure faced by both consumers and business to combat climate change and energy affordability. The Hybrid Solar Solution can help significantly reduce CO2 emissions, provide energy autonomy and reduce energy bills"

Newform Energy's Multi Source Hybrid Solar Solution combines Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Solar Thermal Collectors into one combined panel (PV-T). Then by using a uniquely designed solar heat pump, which boosts temperature when required, the system can provide all of your annual central heating requirements and all the hot water needs of a well-insulated building. It offers a wealth of efficiency benefits when tied in with borehole technology can also be included.  The excess thermal energy available from the panels can be pumped into boreholes, using the ground as a giant thermal battery to be later drawn on as a source for the heat pump. The effect of this is to optimise the efficiency of the heat pump, increase the output of the photovoltaics and increase the yield of the solar thermal.

Newform Energy Ltd is actively developing a range of solutions for commercialisation off the back of the innovative work and research the company has been doing over the last few years.

Source: Newform Energy

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