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Future of Telecare

Posted by Tim Ellis, Whole System Demonstrator Programme Manager, Department of Health

 When the vehicles we all drive became more complex and controlled by computerised engine management systems there was widespread feeling that many mechanics would not be able to make the switch.

It's Quality that Counts

Posted by Adrian Pennington, Director of Quality, NHS East of England
In 2009 all providers within East of England participated in the national pilot of quality accounts. Initial guidance given to produce quality reports was relatively poor and Monitor were the only organisation to produce an outline report, named Sunnyview.


The Future of Adult Care Services

Posted by Jenny Owen, Director, ADASS

The dawning of the party conference season late last year produced two major additional emphases to a debate and consultation which by then had been progressing for the previous 18 months.

Top of the Menu

Posted by Judy Hargadon, Chief Executive, The School Food Trust

No-one could forget the headlines when, in 2005, Jamie Oliver's pioneering documentary, Jamie's School Dinners, shone a light on school food in England

Reflection on NHS registration in 2009

Posted by Nigel Ellis, Head of National Inspection and Assesment, CQC

Nigel Ellis, Head of National Inspection and Assessment, CQC, on April's Registrations and the challenges which lay ahead

Do prepaid cards provide an effective solution to the administrative challenges of managing Individual Budgets?

Posted by Ian Makgill, Managing Director, Ticon UK Ltd

Delivering Individual Budgets is a complex and costly practice for Local Authorities, with paper-based reconciliation processes requiring hours of administration to monitor care commissioning transactions effectively. Whilst some find that a lighter-tough approach may reduce the bureaucratic burden, this may lack the diligence required when monitoring the most vulnerable customers and is much more open to fraud. Recovering funds due to changes in customer circumstances can also present significant issues for the administering authority.

Are Government penalties for hospitals hindering, rather than helping, the control of C. difficile?

Posted by Anne Postulka, M.D., Cepheid Europe

In recent years, C. difficile has increasingly become perceived as a major threat to patient care.  This is due in part to a sharp rise in reported cases of the infection in UK hospitals.  As we know, in response to this the Government has set infection rate reduction targets for hospital trusts, along with financial penalties for those that even marginally exceed these targets.

The Quality and Productivity Challenge: Efficiency without quality is unacceptable - quality without efficiency is unsustainable

Posted by Jenny Bramhall, Associate, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

At no other time in history have we needed transformational thinking as badly as we do now. Without radical rethinking of the way we go about change, the pressure to contain costs will only be met by cutting services or forcing overstretched staff to work even harder. 

The Big Care Debate

Posted by Phil Hope, Minister of State for Care Services, Department of Health

When the National Health Service was created in 1948, the concept of social care as we know it today did not exist. The world has changed a great deal in the last 60 years, and so have people's needs and expectations.

MRSA HCAIs: Best strategies and practices on the 'Trajectory towards Zero Tolerance'

Posted by Steve Holland, Business Development Manager, BD Diagnostic Systems

Since the early 1990s, MRSA infections have increasingly gained public attention. Following numerous reports in the media, in 2001, the Health Minister announced that the reporting of MRSA bacteraemia, together with other healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), would become mandatory.

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 When the vehicles we all drive became more complex and controlled by computerised engine management sys...

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