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BREEAM and Sustainable Building Development Principles as an Integral Part of NHS Estates Strategy and Capital Planning Process

Posted by Mark Denton, Partner, Auburn Ainsley

Are BREEAM and Sustainable Development Principles at the fundamental central core of your Estates Strategy and Capital planning and allocation process?

Energy saving & global warming

Posted by Paul Rowe, Managing Director, Keenlight

Having read many of the posts on the GovToday website relating to Global Warming, it seems that there are many viewpoints, ranging from "Do nothing as we are dealing with a natural phenomena" to "Man is the biggest culprit and he alone can put it right by reducing CO2 emissions".

Controlling Legionnaires disease

Posted by Expert Guidance, Infectious Diseases, Health Protection Agency

Following the recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease in South Wales, GovToday invited the Health Protection Agency to discuss the work they are conducting around this deadly disease.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria.  It can be treated successfully treated with the appropriate antibiotics but even with prompt treatment death can occur in 10-12% of cases. Men are more often affected than women (three times as many men are affected as women) and most cases are found in people over 50 years of age.  The disease is found more often in people who smoke, have pre-exiting chest problems and who have a depressed immune system.

Raising the age of responsibility

Posted by Enver Soloman, Assistant Director of Policy and Research, Barnardo's

This year the Ministry of Justice is conducting a review into sentencing and rehabilitation.

Can a focus on quality really deliver savings for the NHS?

Posted by Jonathan Pearson, Director, Finnamore

Reframing the quality, productivity and savings debate.

Does working at home save carbon?

Posted by Dr John Gundry, Director, Knowledge Ability Limited

Following GovToday's Carbon Reduction conference at the end of June 10, I have been doing some work to model the carbon emissions implications of teleworking (working at home).

How collaboration can create efficiency and support

Posted by Dr Judith Smith, Head of Policy, Nuffield Trust

The financial pressures facing the NHS, and in particular the need to release £20 billion from existing budgets in order to fund new developments, have added urgency to the interest being shown in integration.

Involving young people in the Big Society

Posted by Rosie Chapman, Executive Director for Policy and Effectiveness, Charity Commission

At the launch of the Big Society Network in July, the Prime Minister defined the Big Society as “one in which we all try to do more”. As a society in which we don’t just turn to Government to solve our problems, but in which we “look to ourselves, to voluntary bodies, to companies, to charities […] to build a bigger, richer country.” 

Helping the Government become the greenest ever

Posted by Larissa Lockwood, Public Sector Manager, Carbon trust

To ensure that this government succeeds in its ambitions to be the greenest ever, central government organisations will need to take a long-term approach to managing and reducing their carbon emissions.

Retrofitting to reduce carbon emissions

Posted by Bill Taylor, Retrofit Framework Co-ordinator, Procurement for Housing

The social housing sector is well placed to take on the retrofit challenge. Even before the Warm Homes, Greener Homes strategy was published in early 2010 - promising tough targets to reduce carbon emissions from housing - social landlords were identified as leading agents in the retrofit drive that is key to meeting these targets.

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Infectious Diseases,
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Following the recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease in South Wales, GovToday invited the Health Protection ...

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