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How Effective are the Current Cleaning Protocols of Ducting in British Hospitals

Posted by Ghasson Shabha, MRSA project Co-ordinator, Birmingham City University

What are the key problems in Ventilation and Air-conditioning  systems and what roles  can cleaning  protocols  play in controlling the spread of airborne infection including MRSA. How  adequately designed  are the ducting systems in British hospitals   in minimising air-borne infection ?  How effective are the current positioning of supply and extract grilles in hospital ceiling in promoting effective contaminant dilution and removal of infection agents? Is there adequate access to maintain and clean  ductwork and air-handling units (AHUs)? What improvements can be made to maximise MRSA control in ventilation and air-conditioning systems (AC) on the whole?

MRSA vs Hospital Dust

Posted by Ghasson Shabha, MRSA project Co-ordinator, Birmingham City University

How effective are the current maintenance and cleaning of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in combating MRSA and other HCAI in  British hospitals?

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