Carbon Reduction 2010: Delivering a Low Carbon Future - A New Decade of Transformation

Carbon Reduction 2010: Delivering a Low Carbon Future - A New Decade of Transformation
William Jordan, Chief Sustainability and Operating Officer, Office of Government Commerce

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Andrew Baker
Head of Climate Change
London Borough of Harrow

Good speaker. Interesting to hear how the Government is looking to introduce a step change in performance. Should I be starting to think about on-line disclosure of consumption?

Jon Hastings
Communications & Engagement Manager
Haringey Council

Good to know Central Government is taking steps to cut its own emissions. Might be useful to have some linkage into how local authorities and other public sector bodies could benefit from the procurement frameworks mentioned.

David Taylor
Senior EHO
Harlow Council

Good to see that Government is getting its own house in order.

Penny Lord
Business Advisor

Delivery was flat but some good information, the Government is trying.

Alan Asbury
Sustainability Team Manager
Aylesbury Vale District Council

Good broad overview.

John Whiteland
Naval Estates Safety & Environment Officer
Naval Estates

Good overview of recent performance in Government departments. Glad to see MOD given credit for leading within government departments.

Robert Johnson
Assistant Directorate Manager
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Good to hear what the Government is doing to lead the way.

John Snook
Norfolk Climate Change Partnership Co-Ordinator
Norfolk County Council

This was an interesting insight into the new Government's strategy particularly the 10% target.

Wai Khow
Energy Advisor PG6
Cabinet Office

Good coverage

Eloi Monneraye
Ecovert FM – Energy Manager
Cabinet Office

Very interesting.

Phil Winsor
Assistant Director of Regulatory Services
Milton Keynes Council

Interesting Government data, but not a salesman!

Jon Atkinson
Associate, Sustainability

A little limited in scope, although some useful technical background. Good to see government doing something, but it needs to do much more.

Rob Gibson
Head of Environmental Strategy
London Borough of Hounslow Council

"Good ideas, like energy online business, should make LAs do this as well."

Abigail Stevenson
Architectural Design Volunteer
Selby Trust

Nice to know the Government is looking at reducing energy. I would like to know how holistic they view what is included in their energy use i.e.., food, travel etc.

Craig Mitchell
Policy Officer
Welsh Local Government Agency

Good practical example.

Lloyd Willson
Building Surveyor
Arun District Council

Will Government be putting pressure on new builds to provide small amounts of renewable energy, i.e.., as TV aerials are reducing because of broadband etc small wind turbines could replace them along with PVs.

Felix Jackson
Managing Director
Agnitio Network Training Ltd

Good insight to government internal plans.

Peter Rugg
Planning and Development Co-Ordinator - The Green Cornwall Programme
Cornwall Council

Like the real time displays.

Jonathan Taylor
Environmental Sustainability Officer
London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Good to see government putting its own house in order, targets should be higher.

Ian Davis
Senior Building Surveyor
North Hertfordshire Council

Very interesting to have clear information on the process central government are taking in reducing their own carbon footprint.

Connor Bell
Carbon Voyage

Believed strongly in the Government's statement to be the greenest Government ever. Goal - Cut C02 emissions by 10% apportioned to each department.

Andrew Dewberry
Asset Investment Manager
Newark and Sherwood Homes

Interesting angle and facts regarding future policy shaping and new government targets.

Andrew Nunn
Cabinet Member for Green Environment
Suffolk Coastal District Council

Good to learn what the Government are doing 'in house'.

Stuart Baddley
Sempermed Division Manager
Semperit Industrial Products Ltd

Well delivered.

Liz Mullany
Business development manager
Newark and Sherwood Homes

Some interesting areas to further research.

James Swanston
Carbon Voyage

Useful to understand correct procurement strategies, but concerning that it is limited to energy only.

Kevin Leader
Manager Technical Services
Essex County Council

Excellent introduction to online real time energy monitoring 'Centre of Excellence' set out key initiatives: AMR, Voltage Optimisation, IT Power Management.

Jacqui McDonald
Project Manager
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


John Gallagher
Head of Asset Management
Sutton Housing Partnership

Useful background to initiatives to improve energy efficiency of the government estate.

Andy Lefley
Assistant Director - Building Services
Anglia Ruskin University

Detailed and useful session.

Seb Junemann
Sustainability Officer
Metropolitan Housing Partnership

Very dry but interesting to see government's approach to carbon management.

Chris Moorhouse
Energy Team Manager
Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

Would have liked to know more about which actions worked.

Andrew Malinowski
Manager Commercial and Contract Property and Assets
Central Bedfordshire Council

Good update on the 'green' government and the 17 May target, gave sufficient information to helpline and webpage for further information.

Ian Klesmer
Senior Strategy Manager
London Development Agency

Interesting to learn about challenges introduced by new Government, especially with regard to short timetables.

Sarender Chana
Head of Design & Compliance
Heart Of England NHS Foundation Trust

Reconfirming the targets. Interesting thoughts about real-time energy reporting. How can this be rolled through the NHS estate, which is the biggest government asset to reap the benefits for buildings which have 24/7 occupancy?

Ron Cook
Health Safety & Environmental Manager
Barking and Dagenham College

Good background information. Essential that Government is seen to practice and lead where it expects others to follow.

Andrew Whelan
Performance & Quality Manager
London Borough of Enfield


Jonathan Ward
Sustainability Project Coordinator
Student Force for Sustainability

Some overview on government estate performance, good to see performance.

Wendy Benson
Economic Development Manager
West Sussex County Council

Interesting, and pleasing to see that OGC is drawing upon the experience in the private sector.

Jerry Burrell
Project Manager
The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust


Charlie Trousdell
Association for Organics Recycling

Good to hear the Government is showing the way in monitoring energy and making data easily available is a positive move.

Francis Comyn
Rural and Environmental Programmes Co-ordinator
Rochdale MBC

Interesting description of approach deployed and challenge.

Belinda Brummer
Group HR Manager

Great to see the person making the difference on stage.

Mathieu Mazenod
Climate Change Programme Manager
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council

Quick and focused.

Gareth Jones
Project Manager

Government needs to set an example and act as a case study on how to do things right.

Dustin Benton
Senior Policy Officer

Interesting look at how effective Government decarbonisation has gone over the past few years, and some of the measures required to achieve our 10:10 targets.

John Gilbert

25% reduction in government spending should make 10% a tad easy. Up the bar.

Vikas Ahuja
Energy Adviser
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Gave a good overview of targets and what's being done already in addition to what is planned.

Margaret Bell
Professor of Transport & Environment
Newcastle University

Confidence building having facts and figures from government estates presented endorsing key message 'get your house in order first', I look forward to results one year on.

Edward Cox
Service Manager
Moorfields Eye Hospital

Interesting to hear about the new administrations take on carbon reduction. Perhaps would have liked to hear a bit more about how each department plans to make these efficiencies.

Gary James
Director of Informatics
Lincolnshire Teaching PCT

Showed it could be done, more detail on how was achieved would have been welcome.

Jeung Lee
Planning and Operations Research Officer
Brunel University

Good to know that the Government is taking the initiative to reduce carbon footprints though it doesn't seem enough.

Richard Parker-Harding
Head of Environmental Health
Rother District Council

Reductions by measurement and behaviour change in addition to technology.

Suzanne Jones
Programme Supervisor
National Measurement Office

Easy to follow slides which were explained in greater detail. He achieved the right balance of information as sometimes government targets can be meaningless.

Cllr Carol Clark
Cabinet Member - Housing and Balanced Communities
Sevenoaks District Council

Good to hear that the new Government has a real impetus - no more lip service.

Therese Maguire
Planning Officer
London Borough of Bexley

Interesting to know the Government's ambitions - may be more interesting in 12 months time to see if any of them were achievable.

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