RenewableUK welcomes launch of Wave Hub

RenewableUK has welcomed the launch of Wave Hub, a ground-breaking project by the South West Regional Development Agency to create the world's largest test-site for wave energy technology



Wave Hub, which has been installed 16km off the Cornish coast, is a grid-connected socket that has been positioned on the seabed at a depth of 55m. The device has the capacity for four technology developers to connect 5MW of wave energy devices in real sea environments, without the additional burden of the costs of electrical subsea infrastructure.

Oliver Wragg, Wave and Tidal Development Manger at RenewableUK, said:

"This is a momentous occasion for the rapidly developing marine energy industry. Wave Hub is viewed as an integral infrastructure project both nationally and internationally, which will aid development of a new breed of technologies and allow us to harness clean green renewable energy from our coast, whilst facilitating the creation of thousands of jobs."

He added, "The UK has an abundance of wave and tidal resource on its doorstep. With the right support, the marine energy industry can play a pivotal role in achieving our renewable energy targets in 2020 and beyond."

A recent report estimated that the UK could harness up to 35GW of marine energy by 2050, representing over 20% of the country's current consumption.


Source: ©Renewable UK

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Graham Hazell

On a recent holiday to Cornwall we again marvelled at the power of the sea and this is a marvellous move to faciltate the use of Wave energy.
However could we ensure the units and terms we use are technically correct, GW is a measure of power (i.e. energy per second) whereas 20% of consumption is presumably a measure of energy over a period of time (year?). Which is the misleading figure from the report as quoted?

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RenewableUK welcomes launch of Wave Hub
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