Carbon Reduction 2010- Andy Atkins calls for minimum energy standards for UK homes

Reacting to comments by Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne on a new 'green deal', which aims to cut carbon from millions of homes and reduce energy bills, Friends of the Earth's Executive Director Andy Atkins has said...

 "One in five homes are so badly insulated they are a health hazard - and many are rented properties housing vulnerable people.

 "Government plans for a green deal to stop homes leaking heat are a step forward - but giant strides are needed to tackle the problem properly.

 "Ministers must ensure no-one lives in a house so cold it makes them ill and that fuel bills heat our homes and not the planet.

 "A comprehensive strategy, including a minimum energy efficiency standard for rented homes, is urgently needed to overhaul UK housing while tackling climate change and fuel poverty."


Source: ©FOE


Andy Atkins will be speaking at the forthcoming GovToday Carbon Reduction Annual Conference at Church House, Westminster on the 29th of June. If you would like to attend the conference please ring; Ron Pusey, Delegate Manager on; 0161 238 8881

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