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Editor's Feature
Liam Hughes
National Adviser to the Healthy Communities Programme,
Local Government Improvement and Development

Following the success of the Healthy Communities Conference, in an exclusive article for Govtoday, Liam Hughe...

ME patients face UK ban on donating blood
The reason for the ban is to protect the blood supply. The Department of Health have actually admi...
London Assembly to examine cycling success
The cycling Superhighways and cycle hire project have both demonstrated that there is a latent deman...
On your bike
It's true that the benefits of cycling for both the individual and for society are huge but I don't ...
Reducing HCAIs 10 - ATP - Programme
Very informative day which will enable me to carry out my role as infection control lead. All speake...
International Best Practice Case Study
Good speaker. Well presented on the video, quite amazing, what technology.