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Editor's Feature
Norman Baker MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport,
Department For Transport

This Coalition Government is fully focused on building a modern transport system: one that connects our commu...

Delivering the ' Big Society '
The Big Society concept has been happening for years in local communities and area where they have t...
ME patients face UK ban on donating blood
Good point Max. MEA must mention the NIH/FDA/Harvard study as well at least.
Cameron sees off potential 6% EU increase
Well done for the reduction from 5.9% to 2.9% but where does that leave the british public? £450m s...
ME patients face UK ban on donating blood
Well done MEA for pointing out the lie our government seeks to maintain. The UK blood supply is cont...
London firefighters' strike to go ahead
I am a union member myself but this is a mistake, they are likely to lose public support rather than...