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Editor's Feature
Chris Goulden
Programme Manager,
Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation published its annual update of the cost of a minimum standard of living on 6 J...

NHS Targets £850m Savings in Management Costs
It will be tough to deliver higher standards whilst reducing funding
NHS Targets £850m Savings in Management Costs
we need to utilise our nurses more effectively many have skills that are never used because no one a...
NHS Targets £850m Savings in Management Costs
Management costs in PCTs and SHA increased £220m in 2009/10 going onto 1.85bn 2010/2011’ It is th...
NHS Targets £850m Savings in Management Costs
The government is well meaning in seeking to reduce management costs which are largely related to ag...
Solar panels in homes 'improve efficiency'
Hi A nice little piece, though as a local authority sustainability team what we need to be armed wit...