• Farage re-ignites NHS debate

    Nigel Farage the UKIP leader has suggested that an insurance system to pay for the NHS is a debate that will have to be

  • Westminster news in brief 19 Jan

    In a letter co-signed with Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, Lord Ahmed appears to have upset The Muslim Council of Britain by appearing to suggest ''like the far right'' that Muslims and Islam...

  • Pensioner bonds success

    New government backed Pensioner Bonds offered through National Savings are in great demand, offering interest rates up to...

  • PM under pressure over TV Debates

    Following David Cameron insisting he would not take part in televised debates in the lead up to the election without the inclusion of The Green Party, today's media is leading...



  • Drug and Alcohol Misuse
  • Obesity - A National Epidemic
  • Improving Patient Care: 2014

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  • Why vote?

    As all parties gradually unveil the policies they hope will gain seats in the next parliament, it is strikingly apparent that nobody intends to tackle the big issues that face

  • Poorest face higher council tax bills

    A shortfall in funding for council tax support means poorer households are likely to face higher bills this year, the Local Government Association has...

  • Jobs figures remarkable, says government

    New figures showing that unemployment in the UK has continued to fall and wages are rising above inflation have been hailed as "remarkable" by the...

  • Miliband promises ‘fair' immigration rules

    Labour has promised to control immigration by stopping new arrivals from claiming benefits for two years and making it illegal for employers to undercut wages by exploiting...

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    The money GPs get for diagnosiing diabetes etc is not per patient; it is a complex payment related... MORE

  • Europe

    Started life as a labour supporter, but the older I get the more right wing I become to defend my... MORE

  • Europe

    What a nasty little knee jerk reactionary you are. I suffered a road accident in Portugal 35 years... MORE

  • Schools

    This is wonderful and encouraging news. It's so challenging to stop adults from eating dogs but if... MORE

  • Schools

    I totally agree Kevin, thanks for speaking the truth out so well. ;-) :lol: May I just add that... MORE

  • Schools

    I agree with Kevin. Animal protection for all and no harm to dogs and cats. Yes, stop the dog and... MORE

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