• Public Health 2015: Quality Standards for Improved Lives
  • LGPS Reform: Ethical, Efficient, Effective
  • The Trustee Investment Conference: 2015

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  • 12 new schools funded by EIB

    Hundreds of primary and secondary school pupils across the north east of England will benefit from 12 brand new schools being supported by a GBP 46.3 million

  • £3M investment in council houses

    Proposals to set aside £3,030,000 for 18 new council homes will be discussed by Cambridge City Council's Housing Scrutiny Committee...

  • Public land for housing target exceeded by the HCA

    The Homes and Communities Agency has already exceeded its contribution to government's target to release public land with capacity for 100,000 new homes; and expects to exceed...

  • The merits of NHS health checks

    A national meeting of health professionals, organised by Public Health England, is taking place in Leeds today (26 February 2015) to discuss the merits of NHS Health...

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  • Schools

    This is yet another sign that this right wing government is prepared to sacrifice children's... MORE

  • Schools

    Once again politicians meddle, they seem to think change is always for the better-it certainly is... MORE

  • Schools

    There used to be a model of the management of ambitious engineering projects in the U.S. called the... MORE

  • Schools

    We need education tailored to abilities. The old grammar and secondary school split gave us... MORE

  • Schools

    Very few political aims could be more beneficial to Britain than lifting ambitions and fighting... MORE

  • Schools

    Evidence based decision making appears to be lacking here - and this isn't confined to Education... MORE

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