• Sturgeon to succeed Salmond as SNP leader

    Nicola Sturgeon will take over from Alex Salmond as leader of the Scottish National party and first minister of Scotland after no other candidates put their names forward for

  • Ukip continues surge with Clacton win

    Ukip has its first elected MP in the House of Commons after Tory defector Douglas Carswell won yesterday's byelection in Clacton - while the party also slashed Labour's majority...

  • Clegg rails against ‘un-British’ rivals

    Nick Clegg has insisted the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can rein in what he described as Labour's economic incompetence and the Conservatives' inherent lack of...

  • Schools failing poorer pupils, study finds

    There is a "new and shocking gap" between schools that successfully ensure disadvantaged pupils achieve their potential and those that are failing to raise the attainment levels...



  • Sustainable Transport 2014: Ultra low carbon travel
  • Fracking North Conference
  • Digital Britain-A Global Leader

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  • Farage: Ukip threatens Labour as well as Tories

    Nigel Farage has said Ukip will be as much a threat to Labour as it is to the Conservatives as it seeks to win seats at Westminster at next year's general

  • UK should ‘play part’ in Isis fight

    Britain should "play its part" in military action against Isis - an "evil against which the whole of the world should unite", David Cameron has...

  • 'Acceptance’ of bad behaviour in schools

    There is a "casual acceptance" of bad behaviour in many schools and headteachers are "blurring the lines between friendliness and familiarity" with students, the head of Ofsted...

  • Lukewarm reception for Miliband speech

    Today Ed Miliband gave his final Labour conference speech before next May's general election, at which he hopes to lead his party back into government after just one term of...

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    Started life as a labour supporter, but the older I get the more right wing I become to defend my... MORE

  • Europe

    What a nasty little knee jerk reactionary you are. I suffered a road accident in Portugal 35 years... MORE

  • Schools

    This is wonderful and encouraging news. It's so challenging to stop adults from eating dogs but if... MORE

  • Schools

    I totally agree Kevin, thanks for speaking the truth out so well. ;-) :lol: May I just add that... MORE

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    I agree with Kevin. Animal protection for all and no harm to dogs and cats. Yes, stop the dog and... MORE

  • Schools

    Really interesting and agree with Kevin. I hope the British Government will... MORE

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