• Reducing HCAIs: Tackling Anti-Microbial Resistance
  • Greening Education 2014
  • Integrating Health and Social Care: Collaboration and Cooperation

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  • Re: What areas should we invest our cash in to improve the health outcomes of the nation?

    Alcohol and smoking are such cross-cutting issues, as well as being the primary causes of many diseases and health problems. Doing more to combat...

  • What a waste of life and money.

    £1.3 Billion of NHS Funds is wasted on avoidable illness caused or made much worse by unacceptably cold homes. The resulting implications of the...

  • Re: Great Event but what next?

    Echoing previous comments, we would like to see updates/info on: - Government funding for residential energy efficiency – Green Deal and ECO -...

  • Does Menstruation Matter?

    Period pain can cripple women's careers because they are regularly bedridden in agony. Recent research suggests some women have to take days off work...

  • Do as I say not as I do?

    I hear that Local Authority pension schemes are coming together to create super investment vehicles ….. Looking far and wide to take their 178...

  • Is the LGPS now fit for purpose?

    Is the LGPS a sleek efficient scheme that’s fit for purpose and does this mean we now finally have the pension scheme we deserve. …. What do...

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    Everyone, on each side of this issue, should engage with Terry Pratchett's 'Shaking Hands with... MORE

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    Having the option there, if ever required is providing freedom of choice. Perfectly healthy people... MORE

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    I watched my father die over two years - it was heart breaking to see him suffer so much pain and... MORE

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